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His adventure started in 2001 when he became a resident of Tropicana Club. After winning a dj competition in 2002 Jacobe started working for XTC club. In 2004 and 2005 he cooperated with Terminal club (Sępólno Krajeńskie), where he had regular performances for a few years. The following year  had a significant influence on his career, as he began his cooperation with Essence Music  agency (now MSM Events).
Since July 2006 Jacobe has taken part in White Summer Tour, performing at the Polish seaside, promoting the event Sensation White Polska, where he had the opportunity to play. At that time he established cooperation with Sentence agency.
Tiesto Elements Of Life was another event where he had a chance to show his skills. A few months later he had his first performance abroad, in Fabric club well known not only for the Czech audience. Then he took part in an  event organised in Holland for the Polish audience in Synergy club and next he performed In Arena Hall in Poznań during the first edition of Armin Only in Poland.
In 2009 he was a resident In Dom Vikingów (House of the Vikings)  club at The Old Market. Further cooperation with the MSM Events resulted in event[s] such as Global Gathering, Godskitchen Urban Wave, Dzień w Parku (A Day in the Park) and Sensation Wicket Wonderland.
Also 2010 turned out well for him – Jacobe performed on one of the stages at Global Gathering Festival, he took part in A State of Trance 450 and Sensation Celebrate Life. This year Pacha label appeared in Poland for the first time. Jacobe performed on the main stage during the Pacha Comes to Poznań event in Iglica Poznańska. At that time he resided at Habana Club in the centre of Poznań.
In 2011 you may have heard his set at house stage festival - Global Gathering 2011, as well as in clubs at Global Gathering Promo Tour, and next at the events Pacha Comes to Poland, promoting the make Pacha at the Polish seaside.
In 2013 Jacobe also performed at the company events of well-known makes such as Jaguar (Motor Show 2013 - Poznań), Mercedes (Premiere of  S Class - City Park Poznań).
As a great enthusiast of music he submerged himself in various music styles. Of course, like almost everybody, Jacobe has his favourite music style –  house as a variety of funky, vocal, tech.
Jacobe has graduated from sound production school, he has been producing electronic music for a few years. Now you can also find his sets and productions on
In 2014 and 2015 Jacobe was a resident of Pacha Poznań Club. Currently from couple of years he produce electronic music. His dj sets & productions you will find on